Maximize self-consumption: DLX AC is ideal for your photovoltaic system

If you aim to significantly increase the self-consumption of solar energy in your existing photovoltaic system, the DLX AC is the perfect choice. With its ability to integrate storage, this inverter allows you to optimize the use of solar energy, reducing dependence on the electrical grid.

Here's why the DLX AC is the ideal choice:

  • Maximize Self-Consumption: Thanks to its advanced design, the DLX AC allows you to make the most of the energy produced by your photovoltaic system, ensuring a significant increase in energy self-consumption.
  • Store Solar Energy: In situations where energy export to the grid is high, the DLX AC enables you to store excess solar energy during the day and use it for nighttime consumption, ensuring greater energy efficiency.
  • Easy Integration: With the DLX AC, integrating storage into your photovoltaic system is simple and convenient, offering you an effective way to optimize the use of solar energy.

Choose DLX AC to maximize energy self-consumption in your photovoltaic system and enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your electrical system and achieve your energy goals with ease!

Maximize control of your solar system with Delios inverters

Thanks to the integrated graphic display, Delios inverters offer an advanced management experience for your photovoltaic system:

  • Easy and Intuitive Configuration: The graphic display allows you to configure the system quickly and easily, even without an internet connection or remote devices.
  • Direct Monitoring from the Inverter: Check the proper functioning of your system and view monitoring data directly from the inverter's display, without the need for additional equipment.

The DLX AC models offer advanced connectivity features:

  • Internet Connection: Connect your Delios inverters to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi for continuous and detailed monitoring of your system.
  • DELIOS Solar App: Monitor your system at any time through the DELIOS Solar App, available for mobile devices, for complete control wherever you are.

Make the most of your photovoltaic system's potential with Delios inverters.

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