Chase the sun and make its energy always available in your house

Photovoltaic inverters with storage system and integrated management of the energy from the sun

Delios srl

DELIOS srl is an innovative company focused on the design, development and production of photovoltaic inverters with storage system and integrated management of the energy from the sun.


DLS 600



The DLS System “All in & Ready to go“

In traditional PV systems without energy storage, only 20% of photovoltaic energy is actually consumed on the premises and the sale of the remaining 80% to the network managers is no longer profitable.
DELIOS systems are able to increase remarkably the amount of solar energy produced and self-consumed by storing it in batteries and secondary systems. They are suitable for domestic installations and can minimize the withdrawal of energy from the public electrical network drastically reducing costs for family energy needs.

  • Compact
  • Very high efficiency from panels and batteries (> 97%)
  • Minimum size and weight (wall mount in tight spaces)
  • Low audible noise

“ALL INCLUSIVE” system that allows an integrated management of the energy:

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Storage Battery
  • Households appliances
  • Grid energy
  • Secondary storage systems (e.g. Heat pumps)
  • Power generator set
  • Optimized management of two independent and separate PV strings
  • Maximum yield from the PV panels in all conditions
  • Quick status check and system settings
  • Easy access to production data and energy saving
  • Quick and easy firmware update of the system via the USB port
  • Possibility of remote monitoring via smartphone or PC over Internet
  • Easy to install and ready to use
  • Off-grid operation (OFF-GRID) or parallel network operation (ON-GRID) selectable from the control panel.
  • Automatic interlocking system “INTELLIGENT ENERGY ROUTING®” complying with the applicable international and national product safety standards requirements.
  • Intelligent management of the output power to guarantee continuity of service with any domestic load, also the heaviest (pumps and compressors).
  • Precise control of the charge / discharge process with optimized curves and total absence of ripple in the battery current to ensure maximum efficiency and duration of the storage unit.
  • Integrated energy management
  • Easy programmable activation of household appliances by control panel.
  • Remote activation of power generator set (optional).


  1. More independence from energy providers and rising energy prices
  2. Automatic load swap without supply interruptions
  3. Sustainable energy use
  4. Remarkable cost saving from energy

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